Mobilia MobiBed means the user can be both mobile and social.

The transporter can be used for resting, stabilising, supporting and yes of course, to transport the user around indoors. It creates many positioning options and is easy to adjust.

These options allow the user to participate in several activities, regardless of whether the person needs to be in a reclining or sitting down position.

Ideal use for

– Children, young adults and adults with highly reduced
functional ability
– People who have difficulty sitting in the same position long
periods of time
-People with deformities, e.g. in the back or hip
– People with low muscle tone
– People who need to change position regularly, sitting down or lying down.


MobiBed is a resting and relief device that can be adjusted into a reclining or a seated position. It is designed for people who have difficulty in sitting upright for a longer period and who notably need a variety of seated/reclining positions during the day.

Height, seat/recliner surfaces as well as back and foot support sections are electrically adjustable.

MobiBed allows the user to be socially active and participate in various activities, even if he/she needs to be in a lying or a sitting position.

Material specification – Insert cushions and cushion accessories
The inner cushion is made of 100% PU covered and flame retarded polyester. Filling is made flame retarded expanded polystyrene (EPS) beads. The mattress is made TempraFlex® viscoelastic foam, it is also OEKO-TEX®-certified and flame retarded.

The mattress cover i s made of 100% PU covered and flame retarded polyester. 

Removable and washable cover in respectively, grey single jersey and black spacer.

Grey cover
100% bio-based (Lenzing/Tencel), skin-friendly, OEKO-TEX®-certified material.
The soft and comfortable cover fits tightly around the cushion and helps the body to sink pleasantly into the material. The fabric’s rear is
covered with a polyurethane film, which prevents liquids penetrating. The cover also has an antibacterial barrier, is temperature regulating,
breathable and flame retarded.

Black cover
Mobilia modules and mattresses are available with a cover made from black spacer (3D) 100% polyester, OEKO-TEX®-certified and flame
retarded. The cover has an attractive design, 3D effect and also helps the increase the airflow in the material. The thick material is
comfortable to lie in and provides a fixed base in the soft cushions.

Both covers on the Module Insert Cushions and Mattress are fitted with a non-slip bottom.

Cleaning and maintance
The inner cushion and mattress cover do not tolerate chemical cleaning and may not come into contact with solvents, as these can dissolve the polystyrene beads and damage the mattress. The cushion and cover can be wiped off using alcohol or normal cleaning products and water.

Outer cover
Grey single jersey
Wash at 60° C and dry in tumble dryer set at low heat. Does not tolerate bleaching agents or chemical cleaning.

Black spacer
The polystyrene cover can be machine washed at 40° C but cannot be dried in a tumble dryer. Does not tolerate bleaching agents or chemical cleaning.

Cushions and mattresses may be disposed of in ordinary household waste.


Max. length with handlebar and foot support fully extended2150 mm
Max. width of Mobilia MobiBed measured across cushion frame bar720 mm
Height of cushion frame measured from floor to top of bar
Lowest position
Highest position
500 mm -> 735 mm
Cushion frame length (adjustable)
Min. length
Max. length
1460 -> 1830
Max. reclining dimension fully extended:
with Mobilia Mattress (person height max. 172 cm)
with Mobilia Module insert cushion (person height max. 180 cm)
1835 mm
1930 mm
Wheel base between front and rear wheel measured from the middle of axle to middle of axle720 mm
Total weight without insert cushion55 kg
Load capacity
Safety tested to
120 kg
Utilisation weight (max. person weight) recommended90 kg
Front wheel diameter200 mm
Rear wheel diameter300 mm
Actuator, motor, lift, back tilt and leg tilt - LINAK LA40-100 24 VLoad 4000 N
Control box - LINAK CA40 - SMPS - IPX624V
Built-in charger in control box. To charge connect:100V/240V
Manual control LINAK HB83 3-way
Minimum dimension, e.g. when packing for transport: The transporter is folded together and
lowered to the lowest position. The back is raised to maximum, the foot support is in the lowest
position and the handlebar is pushed fully forward.
Længde: 1340 mm
Bredde: 720 mm
Højde: 1070 mm


ProductLength cmWidth cmHeight cmBlack coverGrey coverItem No.
Module MobiBed StandardMax 2150
Max height person 180

Module AB Back Cushion, size S506510/17/260316-4121-025
Module AB Back Cushion, size M646510/17/260316-4221-025
Module AB Back Cushion, size L 696510/17/260316-4321-025
Module C Seat Cushion, size S 486517/100316-4131-025
Module C Seat Cushion, size M626517/100316-4231-025
Module C Seat Cushion, size L686517/100316-4331-025
Module D Foot Cushion, unisize516510/17/260316-4141-025
Mattress, size S1486570316-4151-025
Mattress, size M1636570316-4251-025
Mattress, size L1836570316-4351-025


ProduktLængde cmBredde cmHøjde cmSort betrækGråt betrækVarenummer
Triangle Cushion incl. cover6824210316-4531-015

Wedge Cushion incl. cover4564100316-4541-020
Gouda Wedge Cushion incl. cover3031,540316-4521-015
Neck Cushion incl. cover366,5100316-4511-015
Belt, size S125100316-6221-000
Belt, size L137100316-6201-000


Product information (PDF)
User manual (PDF)