Declaration of consent

A declaration of consent is a permission you give to Cobi Rehab. With that permission, it is legal for us to send you sales and marketing material.

By ticking the consent field in the form, I consent to Cobi Rehab using my provided data to:
Send me newsletters and e-mails with offers, etc.

I am made aware that external IT suppliers can be used. IT suppliers who operate the database in which my information is collected and stored.

On that basis, I agree that Cobi Rehab may store this collected information. This information thus becomes personally identifiable and covered by the protection rules of personal data legislation. Personal data legislation applies to the storage of my information.

I am informed that I can always gain insight into the information that Cobi Rehab stores about me by contacting Cobi Rehab directly. I am also aware that I can demand that errors in my information must be corrected and deleted. It requires that the conditions for this have been met.

I am made aware that I can withdraw my above consent, including partially, at any time, at no cost to me.

To revoke the consent in whole or in part, I am aware that I revoke the consent by using the unsubscribe link in the newsletter.

E-mails with offers can be answered with a “No thanks to more marketing”.

Read more about declaration of consent (in Danish) at the Danish Consumer Ombudsman.

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