Lasal Embracer Cushions

The Lasal Embracer Cushion is ideal for the user, who needs extra support for the torso when sitting in the armchair and/or the wheelchair. Place the cushion embracing the user from the neck, around the shoulders and arms and closing in front of the hands.

Provides support for users with a tendency to hang to one side or with arms falling down on both sides.

Used within:

– Neurology
– Pain treatment

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Lasal Embracer Cushion

Cushions for support and stabilization from Lasal e.g. the Lasal Embracer Cushion can be used by children as well as adults within all areas of the healthcare system. The cushion is used for support and to relieve pressure on in different situations, e.g. in the wheel chair, the chair or in bed.

The very moldable cushion create a positioning with a larger surface giving the user a comfortable and pressure relieving feeling. Combined with Lasal’s wide range of Positioning Cushions in various sizes and shapes, it is possible to create an individual position tailored to every single user. The cushions’ close body contact is also a contributing factor when creating the feeling of safety and comfort. The posture is easily adjusted which is vital to ensure the essential variation and hinder the arise of complications as a consequence of immobility. For more information please see our guide on Lasal Embracer.

In spite of high user comfort and maximum pressure distribution the Lasal Embracer Cushions for support and stabilization must not be considered an anti-decubitus product.


Outer cover (100% ÖKO TEX certified cotton): Coloured covers are machine washable at 60° C. Higher temperature will affect the colour that will fade over time. Wash separately or with similar colours.
Tumble dry at low temperature. About 3 % shrinkage. White covers can be machine washed and tumble dried at max. 90° C. About 5 % shrinkage.

Inner cover (PU-covered and flame retardant polyester textile): Can be wiped off with alcohol or common cleaning agents diluted in water. NOT machine washable. EPS-beads melt at temperatures above 71° C. Therefore washing machine / tumble dryer will be damaged if EPS-beads come into contact
with the heating element in these machines.

Care should be taken that the pH value of the used disinfection should be below 11.4. Do not use fabric softener or any other additive containing solvents.

Hygiene Cover with zip (PU-covered and FR polyester textile): Can be machine washed and tumble dried at max. 95° C. No shrinkage. Tolerates alcohol and all industrial detergents. Care should be taken that the pH value of the used disinfection should be below 11.4. Do not use fabric softener or any other additive containing solvents.

In order to ensure adequate channels for transportation of water when the textiles are squeezed together in the washing machine, it is recommended to wash covered textiles together with noncovered textiles at a one-to-one ratio.

Maintenance and storing

Apart from common cleaning, Lasal cushions does not require any special maintenance. The cushions should be stored in dry conditions and at room temperature. Avoid contact with sharp edges and pointed items or rough surfaces. Keep the cushion out of direct sunlight for longer periods.

Safety information

It is important always to read the user guide before using the product. The cushion should be used only as described in this user guide.

– Extra attention should be paid to children below 3 years and people who are unable to move on their own or take care of themselves.
– Never place a cushion in a way that may block the user’s airways.
– Do not use the cushion in combination with electric blankets as the user may feel uncomfortable due to overheating.
– Do not use a PC or other technical devise in or on top of Lasal Embracer as the technical devices may become overheated and in worst case cause fire.


Lasal Embracer can be disposed of as common household waste (flammable waste). If there is a leak in the cushion allowing EPS-beads to flow out onto e.g. the floor, the beads can easily be
removed with a vacuum cleaner and then disposed of.

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Outer cover100% ÖKO TEX certified cotton
Inner coverPU-covered flame retardant polyester textile
Filling materialsFlame retardant EPS beads (Expanded Polystyrene)
Cleaning and maintenanceThe outer cover is machine washable at 60° C and can be tumble dried at low temperature.

The inner cover can be whipped off with alcohol or common cleaning agents and water.

The cushion itself must not be chemically cleaned and must not come into contact with any
solvent as this could cause decomposition of the beads.
DisposalThe cushions can be disposed of together with common household waste


ModelWidth cmHeight cmMeasure of holeColour of outer coverItem no.
Embracer, S766692Blue0305-6441-000
Embracer, M8770113Green0305-6421-000
Embracer, L9578117Navy0305-6401-000


User manual (PDF)
Product sheet (PDF)

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