Lasal Positioning Cushions

The cushions provide support in various positionings, but are also very ideal for delimitation and increased body-consciousness. With LASAL Positioning Cushions the user will experience comfort, safety, pleasant support of the body without being pinned down.

Ideal use within

– Neurology
– Geriatrics
– Dementia
– Pain relief



Lasal Positioning Cushions

Working with persons with neurological symptoms or persons with reduced mobility positioning cushions from Lasal give the caretaker a great tool to create both support and comfort in almost any situation.

A good posture can prevent formation of contractures, reduce spasticity and prevent pressure sores. Lasal Positioning Cushions have a unique ability to adjust to the body shape as well as to the supporting surface.

The cushions provide support in various positionings, but are also ideal for delimitation and increased body-consciousness. With Lasal Positioning Cushions the user will experience comfort, safety, pleasant support of the body without being pinned down.

For the caregiver a positioning cushion from Lasal is an easy-to-use tool facilitating more varied positioning and the possibility of changing  posture more often. The cushions are placed tightly around the person and provides a feeling of delimitation of the body, which is calming.


The T-Cushion is used as an abduction cushion, between the legs, or for support in general of the lower limbs. Can also be used for prone position, where it lifts the person up into a convenient height from the supporting surface making the position more comfortable and giving the shoulders more freedom of movement.

Triangular Cushions

The Triangular Cushion is a relatively firm cushion and can be used as a stabilizer along the body in a seated or lying position or as a filling in the bed. The smaller Triangle Cushions can be used for other purposes such as supporting under the knees or along the lower limbs.

Half Moon Cushions

Half Moon Cushions are used for support of the arm and hand, in the arch, in both sitting and lying position and for pressure relief between the knees and feet.

Neck Collar

Neck Collar is placed close up against the neck in a ring. It supports and stabilizes the head and neck region in a partly sitting position. The collar is mouldable and the filling can be pushed to where it is needed the most.

Cover can be ordered with grip tape closure, whereby the collar can be closed more closely to the neck.

Get a view of the different product names and sizes of Lasal Positioning Cushions here.

– Lasal Positioning Cushions are easy to clean
– They are available in multiple shapes an sizes that give numerous variation possibilities
– They reflect body heat and stimulate the muscles and circulation
– They are easy adjusted to the every single positioning
– Lasal Positioning Cushions divided into colour codes as an aid to positioning



FllingEPS beads (Expanded Polystyrene)
Outer cover100% OEKO-TEX® certified cotton

Inner coverPU-covered flame retardant polyester textile
Cleaning and maintenanceThe outer cover is machine washable at 60°C and can be tumble dried at low temperatures.

The inner cover can be whipped off with alcohol, wipes for chlorine disinfection (max 1000 ppm)
or common cleaning agents and water.

The cushion itself must not be chemically cleaned and must not come into contact with
any solvent as this could cause decomposition of the beads
DisposalThe cushions can be disposed of together with common household waste


Name of productLength cmWidth cmHeight cmItem No.Colour of
cotton cover
Item No. Cotton CoverItem No. Hygiene Cover
T-Cushion, XL98 / 2661 / 29110305-6001-000Blue0305-6001-0200305-6001-010
T-Cushion, L83/2756/27100305-6011-000Marine blue0305-6011-0200305-6011-010
T-Cushion, L/M72/2545/2080305-6016-000Blue0305-6016-0200305-6016-010
T-Cushion, M63 / 2240 / 19,570305-6021-000Green0305-6021-0200305-6021-010
T-Cushion, S56, 5 / 17,5 37 / 1570305-6031-000Red0305-6031-0200305-6031-010
T-Cushion, XS36/1327/12.540305-6041-000Yellow0305-6041-0200305-6041-010
Triangular Cushion, L9424.5220305-201-000Blue0305-201-0200305-201-010
Triangular Cushion, M662017, 50305-211-000Yellow0305-211-0200305-211-010
Triangular Cushion, M/S5516140305-231-000Red0305-231-0200305-231-010
Triangular Cushion, S39.512100305-221-000Marine blue0305-221-0200305-221-010
Half Moon Cushion793370305-801-000Green0305-801-0200305-801-010
Half Moon Cushion, thick864070305-811-000Marine blue0305-811-0200305-811-010
Half Moon Cushion, S4722.540305-301-000Blue0305-301-0200305-301-010
Neck Collar, Adult242170305-311-000Marine blue0305-311-0200305-311-010
Neck Collar, Child231650305-321-000Green0305-321-0200305-321-010
Lasal Neck Cushion, Child, S62/109334.50305-901-000Red0305-901-0200305-901-010
Lasal Neck Cushion, Junior, S54/901540305-921-000Marine blue0305-921-0200305-921-010
Lasal Neck Cushion, Junior, L60/1142160305-911-000Blue0305-911-0200305-911-010
Lasal Sit Cushion, Long1045040/18.50305-421-000Yellow0305-421-0200305-421-010
Lasal Sit Cushion, High735029/130305-401-000Red0305-401-0200305-401-010
Lasal Support Cushion735029/130305-511-000Blue0305-511-0200305-511-010
Lasal Banana-shaped Cushion3203090305-151-000Green0305-151-0200305-151-010
Lasal Banana-shaped Cushion; L14831100305-101-000Yellow0305-101-0200305-101-010
Lasal Banana-shaped Cushion, S14440120305-111-000Red0305-111-0200305-111-010
Lasal Square Cushion, Long11041100305-721-000Yellow0305-721-0200305-721-010
Lasal Square Cushion, L734250305-711-000Green0305-711-0200305-711-010
Lasal Square Cushion, 352230305-731-000Blue0305-731-0200305-731-010
Lasal Square Cushion401830305-761-000Navy0305-761-0200305-761-010
Lasal Square Cushion, S59.529.55.50305-701-000Red0305-701-0200305-701-010
Lasal Square Cushion, XS401030305-741-000Yellow0305-741-0200305-741-010


Product information (PDF)
Lasal Positioning Cushions overview (PDF)
User manual (PDF)
Cleaning guide (PDF)

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