Cobi Positioning Cushions

Cobi Positioning Cushions make up a series of positioning cushions providing a multitude of flexible solutions. Each cushion can be used for solving different positioning issues, depending on the individual’s specific needs.

The cushions are produced in cooperation with special units within neurology and dementia. The quality of the material makes each cushion able to retain its shape to provide stability as well as a large support surface and pressure distribution.

For use by or within

– Bariatric users
– Pain patients
– Agitated patients
– Dementia
– Neurology
– Palliation



Cobi Positioning Cushions

Cobi Positioning Cushions are universal with each one having multiple functions, which means many applications and great flexibility. Their stability makes them easy to use and ensures a stable and convenient positioning. Cobi Rehab positioning cushions are designed in collaboration with leading Danish specialists within dementia, neurology and bariatrics..

Heavy weight and anatomical design

In the design of Cobi Positioning Cushions, we have focused on being able to position the cushions tightly and close to the user’s body. The cushions are more “heavy” combined to other cushions. This means that they stay in place once positioned and provide both stability and support.

Soothing effect

In addition to reducing pressure and increasing pressure distribution, the cushions are particularly suitable for reducing spasticity, as well as providing tactile stimulus. This is very relevant in cases of i.e. dementia. Being positioned and surrounded by cushions provides a sense of being cocooned, which often has a calming effect and increases comfort.


Cobi Positioning Cushions are made of materials that create stable positioning and create as much pressure distribution as possible. The composition of the material provides both tactile and proprioceptive input.

The fabrics of the cushions are waterproof but at the same time breathable. The substance is anti-bacterially treated, without the use of nano materials. In addition, the cushions are airtight and filled with small beads of expanded polystyrene, granules and density, which ensures that the position is kept and the cushions do not change shape.

There are two types of covers, a hygiene cover and an extra soft jersey cover. The hygiene cover is made of a stretchable PU material, anti-bacterially sealed. This makes it extra resistant and impervious to bacteria, and therefore very hygienic in use. The cover is also breathable, stretchable and fire retardant. The jersey cover, made of 100% organic cotton, is an extra soft fabric which is stretchable.

Useful for many patient groups

The cushions are suitable for bariatric users, neurologically injured patients, pain patients and for palliative care. Common to these patient groups is the high risk of developing tissue damage and pressure ulcers.

Positioning of bariatric users

By using a variety of Cobi Positioning Cushions, it is possible to position bariatric users, so e.g. head, skin, heels, shoulders, back support, and respiration are improved, and the risk of pressure ulcers is diminished.

Cobi Rehab’s recommendations for the best positioning

Stability and filling of cavities are very important when it comes to ensuring optimal positioning. Stability and filling of cavities leads to the distribution of the pressure over an area as wide as possible. In this way, the user remains in the desired, natural position, without any resistance in the joints, nerve and/or muscle tissue.

Positioning with focus on wound care

The material of which Cobi Positioning cushions are made, makes it possible to expose a smaller area e.g. around heels which provide pressure relief around a smaller but specific area.

Positioning analysis

Prior to positioning, a positioning analysis of malalignment, pain, sleep, tissue, tone level, contracture, respiration and sense integration must be carried out.

STOP PRESSURE ULCERS. Learn more at European Pressure Ulcer Advisory Board.

Other positioning cushions from Cobi Rehab.

– For special positioning needs
– Curls around bone protrusions and distributes pressure
– Perfect for positioning in Semi-Fowler position
– Anti-bacterially sealed
– Two types of detachable washable covers
– Provides sensory stimuli

Positioning Cushions

Cobi Robust cushion
This cylinder cushion is 200 cm long and 28 cm wide with heavy weight, making the cushion especially suitable for tight positioning like Semi-Fowler positioning, or 135° sideways / partial prone position. The cushion can also be used advantageously for agitated patients who need increased tactile stimuli and proprioceptive body delimitation.

Cobi Heel/arm cushion
The cushion is used to elevate the heel from the mattress in connection with treatment of pressure ulcers. The cushion can also be used where the entire lower leg is elevated to avoid edema formation.
In addition, the cushion can be used to support a hemiplegic arm or for users with reduced tonus.

Cobi Wedge cushion
The wedge cushion is shaped like a triangular cushion and can be used for flexible purposes, such as stabilization both in front and back in sideways positioning to provide a firm hold. Using Cobi Wedge cushion in front of the body, the upper arm and shoulder provides good support. In a neutral position. In a supine position, Cobi Wedge cushion can be used to support the knee pit, the calves, and thighs.

Cobi Universal cushion
This cushion is used to ensure hip abduction, and to reduce the risk of hip dislocation when a user is reversed from the
back to side positioning. In addition, the cushion is especially suitable for supporting the arm / shoulder and for the prevention of edema formation.

Cobi Large cushion
Cobi Large cushion can be used for back support when positioning in Semi-Fowler position. When used for positioning of the head to neutral neck position, the cushion gives incredibly good support and comfort and provides a good stable hold. When used under the calves in the back position, the cushion provides good pressure relief to heels and a stable hold.

Cobi Cylinder cushion, short
Knee and knee pit cushion, which is indispensable when positioning in Semi-Fowler position and on flexion of the knee. The cushion can also be used for side positioning, providing stability to the knees.

Cobi U-cushion
Useful for correction and supporting of bariatric “froglegs” in the seating position by creating thigh stability.


Filling materialsBeads of expanded polystyrene.

SEBS granules to create density.

PU foam.

Distribution is customized in each type of cushion.
Cushion surface Breathable and waterproof.
Polyamide impregnated with PU and anti-bacterially treated
Hygiene coverBreathable and waterproof.
Polyamide impregnated with PU and anti-bacterially treated
Jersey cover 100% organic cotton
CleaningBoth covers are washable.
The cushions can be cleaned with ordinary detergents or can be disinfected.
ISO classificationISO 18 12 15 - 09


ModelLength cmWidth cmHeight cmKgOrder NoHygiene coverJersey Cover
Cobi Robust cushion20028286.00400-070-0000400-070-0100400-070-015
Cobi Heel/arm cushion4028110.50400-060-0000400-060-0100400-060-015
Cobi Wedge cushion4050141.10400-066-0000400-066-0100400-066-015
Cobi Universal cushion5839221.70400-054-0000400-054-0100400-054-015
Cobi Large pillow5840130.90400-049-0000400-049-0100400-049-015
Cobi Small pillow392580.30400-048-0000400-048-0100400-048-015
Cobi Cylinder cushion, short6229201.70400-064-0000400-064-0100400-064-015
Cobi U–cushion8894172.70400-072-0000400-072-0100400-072-015
Cobi Flexi 19427153.70400-068-0000400-068-0100400-068-015
Cobi Seahorse186511250400-056-0000400-056-0100400-056-015
Cobi Seahorse Junior12727122.50400-057-0000400-057-0100400-057-015
Cobi Fin 643480.60400-058-0000400-058-0100400-058-015
Cobi H-cushion5130301.80400-074-000No coverNo cover
Cobi Arm, left207600.90400-052-000V0400-060-0100400-060-015
Cobi Arm, right207600.90400-052-000H0400-060-0100400-060-015
Cobi Lap cushion5554121.20400-050-0000400-050-0100400-050-015


AccessoriesHygiene coverJersey cover
Cobi Robust cushion0400-070-0100400-070-015
Cobi Heel/arm cushion0400-060-0100400-060-015
Cobi Wedge cushion0400-066-0100400-066-015
Cobi Universal cushion0400-054-0100400-054-015
Cobi Large cushion0400-049-0100400-049-015
Cobi Cylinder cushion, short0400-064-0100400-064-015
Cobi U–cushion0400-072-010 0400-072-015


Product sheet (PDF)
Cleaning Guide (PDF)
User manual (PDF)

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