Kamille Power Comfort Wheelchair

Brand new Danish-developed comfort wheelchair for sensory stimulation. The individual adaptation and high comfort contribute to increasing both activity level and quality of life. With built-in motor for electric propulsion. Speed up to 5 km/h.

With the option for mounting two joysticks, one for the caregiver and possibly one for the patient.

Max. user weight 140 kg.


Kamille Power Comfort Wheelchair

The Kamille Power Comfort Wheelchair provides exceptional support because its design is so flexible that it can support contractures in both UE and LE without special adaptation. The potential to adapt optimally to the individual helps to increase activity level and quality of life. The Kamille Power Comfort Wheelchair comes with electric propulsion (motor) operated with a joystick.

The Kamille Power Comfort Wheelchair can travel up to 5 km/h. The maximum range is approximately 10 km at full load. The wheelchair can traverse down/over curbs and door thresholds up to 30 mm and up and down slopes and ramps with a 6% incline.

Apart from the electric propulsion, The Kamille Power Wheelchair is identical to the Kamille Comfort Wheelchair.


The joystick allows caregivers or patients to manoeuvre the wheelchair and adjust the seat and back angles (tilt and recline). The primary joystick is mounted on the push handle, but a joystick can also be mounted on the armrest for the patient.
The primary joystick mounted on the push handle determines who controls the wheelchair. The joystick on the armrest can be turned on/off as needed.

On the back of the joystick, there is a socket for charging the wheelchair. The Power Wheelchair must be charged to 100% every day.

On the joystick, you will find:
– a power button
– a horn button
– a display showing battery capacity, time, speed, and driving profile
– two buttons labelled Mode and Profile
– a double button controlling the speed.

See our range of comfort wheelchaír for patients with obesity or dementia.

Find the Kamille Power Comfort Wheelchair at the Danish AssistData.


Max. user weight140 kg
Class APrimarily for indoor use
Basic UDI5740000100024N8
Expected service life 7 years
Crash testetYes, according to ISO 7176-19
Seat depth400-560 mm
Height from floor to front edge of the seat plate without seat cushion 470 mm
Height seat cushion120 mm
Back angle96° - 131°, continuously variable
Seat angle0° - 45°, continuously variable
Backrest height500-525 mm
Seat width340-520 mm
Total width725-915 mm
Max. weight of wheelchair67 kg
Max. weight of heaviest component of wheelchair4 kg
Max. slope uphill
Solid drive wheels12½", PU
FrameSteel and aluminium
Cushion filling (back, foot)Viscoelastic foam and polystyrene beads
Cushion filling (seat)Viscoelastic foam, polyester fibres, and reusable and breathable TPE
Cushion fabricStrechtable PU
Push bar, adjustableYes
General requirements and test methodsISO/EN 12182, 12183
Turning radius (pivot)1100-1300 mm
Water resistant IPX4
Push bar, footrest tubing, foot and calf plateSteel
Wheel forksAluminium
BatteryLi-Ion 24V 22.4 Ah
Two actuatorsLINAK LA23/Curtiss - Wright R-net PM120
Control boxLINAK
JoystickR-net JSM-LCD
Electric wheelchair, including componentsDS/EN 12183: 2014, i henhold til ISO 7176
Cleaning and maintenanceStretch covers (recommended additional purchase) for the Kamille Power Comfort Wheelchair can be washed at 60°C and tumble-dried.

The cushions can be wiped down with a damp cloth and mild soapy water.

All cushions can be changed when transferring to a new user.

If the frame becomes dirty, it can be wiped down with a damp cloth and mild soapy water.

It is recommended that the Kamille Power Comfort Wheelchair should be wiped down and vacuumed at least once a week and that the wheels should be checked for dirt.

The frame, cushions and push bar can also be disinfected with e.g. a Wet Wipe 70% or a chlorine product of 1,000-1,200 ppm.


ModelSeat width cmSeat depth cmMax backrest height with back raiser cmItem number
Power wheelchair with joystick34-4040-4457,5 + 8 cm (additional)0351-142-000
Power wheelchair with joystick34-4046-5057,5 + 8 cm (additional)0351-148-000
Power wheelchair with joystick40-4640-4457,5 + 8 cm (additional)0351-242-000
Power wheelchair with joystick40-4646-5057,5 + 8 cm (additional)0351-248-000
Power wheelchair with joystick40-4652-5657,5 + 8 cm (additional)0351-254-000
Power wheelchair with joystick46-5246-5057,5 + 8 cm (additional)0351-348-000
Power wheelchair with joystick46-5252-5657,5 + 8 cm (additional)0351-354-000


AccessoriesProduct no.
Joints for mounting of detachable swing-away legrest, R0350-999-282
Joints for mounting of detachable swing-away legrest, L0350-999-283
Extra joint for headrest0350-999-043
Weighted flex arm support, R0350-999-430
Weighted flex arm support, L0350-999-431
Flex arm support without weight, R0350-999-432
Flex arm support without weight, V0350-999-433
Foot cushion combined, S0350-999-455
Foot cushion combined, M0350-999-456
Foot cushion combined, L0350-999-457
Calf cushion combined, S0350-999-445
Calf cushion combined, M0350-999-446
Calf cushion combined, L0350-999-447
Back extender side, S0350-999-225
Back extender side, M0350-999-226
Back extender side, L0350-999-227
Body support, R0350-999-485
Body support, L0350-999-487
Body support, S R0350-999-217H
Body support, S L0350-999-217V
Weighted neck cushion0350-999-475
Weighted calf cushion blanket0350-999-477
Complete cushion set, Kamille Power Comfort Wheelchair, S0350-999-402
Complete cushion set, Kamille Power Comfort Wheelchair, M0350-999-404
Complete cushion set, Kamille Power Comfort Wheelchair, L0350-999-406
Back cushion 1, S0350-999-410
Back cushion 1, M0350-999-411
Back cushion 1, L0350-999-412
Back cushion 2, S0350-999-415
Back cushion 2, M0350-999-416
Back cushion 2, L0350-999-417
Back cushion 3, S0350-999-420
Back cushion 3, M0350-999-421
Back cushion 3, L0350-999-422
Back side cushion, R0350-999-425
Back side cushion, L0350-999-427
Skirt guard cushion, R0350-999-435
Skirt guard cushion, L0350-999-437
Calf cushion split, R0350-999-440
Calf cushion split, L0350-999-442
Foot cushion split, R0350-999-450
Foot cushion split, L0350-999-452
Footrest tube cushion, R0350-999-460
Footrest tube cushion, L0350-999-462
Seat cushion, S0350-999-465
Seat cushion, M0350-999-466
Seat cushion, L0350-999-467
Headrest cushion0350-999-471
Armrest cushion0350-999-480
Headrest stretch cover0350-999-551
Back stretch cover, S0350-999-555
Back stretch cover, M0350-999-556
Back stretch cover, L0350-999-557
Seat cushion stretch cover, S0350-999-560
Seat cushion stretch cover, M0350-999-561
Seat cushion stretch cover, L0350-999-562
Skirt guard stretch cover0350-999-563
Legrest split stretch cover, R0350-999-565R
Legrest split stretch cover, L0350-999-565L
Flex arm support stretch cover, R0350-999-575R
Flex arm support stretch cover, L0350-999-575V
Armrest stretch cover0350-999-570
Back black nylon cover, S0350-999-580
Back black nylon cover, M0350-999-581
Back black nylon cover, L0350-999-582
Back extender black nylon cover, S0359-999-585
Back extender black nylon cover, M0359-999-586
Back extender black nylon cover, L0359-999-587
Legrest black nylon cover, R0350-999-590R
Legrest black nylon cover, L0350-999-590L


Product sheet (PDF)
Presentation (PDF)
User manual (PDF)
Wear and maintenance overview (PDF)
Quick guide (PDF)

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