Bariatric Visco Comfort Wheelchair Cushion

Bariatric Wheelchair Visco Comfort Cushion is made from an anatomically moulded base of foam and visco-elastic foam on the top side. Covered with incontinence cover.

Ideal use for…

– Bariatric users up to 325 kg at risk for developing pressure ulcers.


Bariatric Visco Comfort Wheelchair Cushion

Bariatric Visco Comfort Wheelchair Cushion is developed exclusively for bariatric users at risk for developing pressure ulcers. Visco Comfort Cushion is anatomically shaped.

For users weighing up to 325 kg.


Bariatric Visco Comfort Wheelchair Cushion is made of a molded base 11 cm firm foam and with a 3 cm visco-elastic foam on the top. The molded base provides increased stability and seat support and provides unique pressure relief on the Tuber Ischii.

Bariatric Visco Comfort Wheelchair Cushion is 14 cm high and has a two way stretch vapour permeable incontinence and flame resistant cover.

Specialized in positioning solutions for bariatric users

Cobi Rehab has specialized in positioning solutions for bariatric users for all hours of the day with the purpose of providing independency, comfort and relief. Cobi Rehab’s focal point is respect for the individual. Innovation, proactivity, quality and empathy are our basic building block and valid in relation to everything we do.

Our positioning solutions are based on solid knowledge about use of the product and the effect of helping, with emphasis on dignity and a good working environment, both for the user and care giver. Our products are strongly engineered and functionally designed and have a weight capacity of up to 325 kg. Our product portfolio consists of wheelchairs, shower commodes, shower benches, patient/dinner chairs, wheeled walkers, walking frames, canes, as well as beds and mattresses.

Based in Denmark Cobi Rehab supply both to the private and public sector all over the world. Our goal is to provide professional advice and high quality products within a short time frame. Cobi Rehab’s staff members are highly experienced within occupational therapy. They all have hands-on experience with bariatric patients.

Cobi Academy

Cobi Academy is our own teaching and knowledge center where we offer staff training, seminars on-site and online 1:1 seminars. Cobi Academy gives you the latest updated knowledge and positioning solutions for e.g. bariatric rehabilitation.

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– Anatomically shaped
– Two way stretch incontinence cover


Maximum weight capacity is325 kg
Weight Approx. 3 kg
Basis cushionHD PUR foam/Visco elastic PUR foam
Incontinence coverYes
Washable coverYes
Flame retardant coverYes


ModelSeat widthSeat depth cmHeightMaximum weight capacityOrder No
Anatomical cushion5650143250233-056-050
Anatomical cushion6150143250233-061-050
Anatomical cushion6650143250233-066-050
Anatomical cushion7150143250233-071-050
Anatomical cushion8150143250230-081-050
Anatomical cushion9150143250233-091-050
Anatomical cushion9650143250233-096-050
Anatomical cushion10050143250233-100-050


AccessoriesOrder No
Cover for Anatomical cushion0233-999-099


Product info (PDF)

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