Bariatric Comfort Foam Mattress

Bariatric Comfort Foam Mattress is a standard mattress which works perfectly with nursing beds. The mattress secures a soft but still effective distribution of the load combined with a unique stability that helps the user to obtain the ability to reposition himself/herself.

Ideal use for…

– Bariatric users weighing up to 325 kg.


Bariatric Comfort Foam Mattress

Bariatric Comfort Foam Mattress is for bariatric users weighing up to 325 kg, in need of a pressure relief mattress that also ensures the mobility of the user.


The bottom part of the Bariatric Comfort Foam Mattress consists of a 15 cm layer of heavy duty PU foam cut into springs. This feature secures a lower “push back” effect on the user and at the same time ensures an air flow within the mattress, thereby minimizes the accumulation of heat. On top of the 15 cm PU foam lies a 3 cm layer of viscoelastic foam. This layer ensures maximum adaption to the surface of the user and thereby also a greater weight distribution and pressure relief up to grade 2.

Bariatric Comfort Foam Mattress has a two way elastic incontinence cover. The cover is antibacterial, antiallergic and flame retardant. The cover can be machinewashed.

Specialized in positioning solutions for bariatric users

Cobi Rehab has specialized in positioning solutions for bariatric patients for all hours of the day with the purpose of providing independency, comfort and relief. Cobi Rehab’s focal point is respect for the individual. Innovation, proactivity, quality and empathy are our basic building block and valid in relation to everything we do.

Our positioning solutions are based on solid knowledge about use of the product and the effect of helping, with emphasis on dignity and a good working environment, both for the user and care giver. Our products are strongly engineered and functionally designed and have a weight capacity of up to 325 kg. Our product portfolio consists of wheelchairs, shower commodes, shower benches, patient/dinner chairs, wheeled walkers, walking frames, canes, as well as beds and mattresses.

Based in Denmark Cobi Rehab supply both to the private and public sector all over the world. Our goal is to provide professional advice and high quality products within a short time frame. Cobi Rehab’s staff members are highly experienced within occupational therapy. They all have hands-on experience with bariatric patients.

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– Fits perfectly in nursing beds
– Pressure relief mattress that also ensures the mobility of the user


Maximum weight capacity is325 kg
Length200 / 220 cm
Width100 / 120 cm
Height18 cm
Weight12 / 13 kg
Applicable directly on to bed baseYes
Suitable for adjustable bed baseYes
Flame-retardant coverYes
Incontinence coverYes
Antiallergenic coverYes
Washable and disinfectable coverYes
Removable coverYes
MattressViscoelastic PUR foam / Heavy Duty PU foam
Cover100% polyurethane
ISO – classificationISO 18 12 18 -25


ModelLength cmWidth cmHeight cmOrder No
Comfort foam mattress200100180240-100-200
Comfort foam mattress long220100180240-100-220
Comfort foam mattress200120180240-120-200
Comfort foam mattress long220120180240-100-220
Cover Comfort Foam Mattress2001000240-999-009
Cover Comfort Foam Mattress2201000240-999-010
Cover Comfort Foam Mattress2001200240-999-011
Cover Comfort Foam Mattress2201200240-999-012


Product sheet (PDF)
User manual (PDF)

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