Kamille Comfort Wheelchair

Comfort Wheelchair ensuring unique sensory-stimulating body delimitation.

  • Asymmetric adjustment of back system and seat system
  • Exceptionally flexible armrest
  • Electrically adjustable back and electric tilt in space as standard
  • Specially developed removable, padded body supports (additional)
  • Swing away legrest as standard
  • Swing away armrest as standard

1. Seat
Individual adaptation of the seat system for users with asymmetrical issues.

2. Armrest
Armrests which can be angled inwards, downwards, and upwards or adjusted in height.

3. Back
Individual adaptation of the back system for users with e.g., scoliosis or increased lateral flexion of the trunk.

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Supports contractures in both UE and LE without special adaptation

The Kamille Comfort Wheelchair provides exceptional support because its design is so flexible that it can support contractures in both UE and LE without special adaptation.

The potential to adapt optimally to the individual helps to increase activity level, function level and quality of life.

The Kamille Comfort Wheelchair comes with an electrically adjustable back and electric tilt in space as standard.

The various electrical functions are continuously variable, which means the user will not experience any annoying lurches.

Electric tilt in space and back adjustment ensures better working conditions for the helper, who can avoid using their own body weight when handling the wheelchair.

The electric functions are activated with a remote control that can be operated by either the user or the helper.

Padded body supports (additional)

Specially developed body supports placed in slots on the back system contribute to near-body trunk stability, regardless of whether the user has scoliosis or decreased/increased thoracic tone.

Multiple body supports can be placed on each side for more complex needs.

Cushion system

The Kamille Comfort Wheelchair is equipped with a complete and unique cushion system that ensures optimal pressure distribution and near-body positioning.

The cushions have been carefully designed to fit the body part that they support.

The cushions have been kept in a neutral tone because experience shows that dark colours can seem “bottomless” for users with impaired visual-cognitive function.

Designed in Denmark

Kamille Comfort Wheelchair has been developed by Danish physiotherapists and occupational therapists and product development engineers in collaboration with key persons from public institutions.

Kamille Comfort Wheelchair is produced in the EU.

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Max. user weight140 kg
Basic UDI5740000100024N8
Expected product service life7 years
Crash testetIn process
Seat depth400-560 mm
Backrest angle96° - 131°
Seat angle0° - 45°
Backrest height500-525 mm
Seat width340-520 mm
Total width640-830 mm
Max. weight of wheelchair47 kg
Max. weight of heaviest component4 kg
Max. slope uphill
Solide wheelsØ12½", PU
FrameSteel and aluminium
Cushion filling
(back, leg, foot)
Viscoelastic foam and polystyrene beads
Cushion filling
Viscoelastic foam, polyester fibres, and reusable and breathable TPE
Cushion fabricPU coated polyester
Push bar, adjustableYes
Armrests, adjustableYes
Head rest, adjustableYes
General requirements and test methodsISO/EN 12182:2012, ISO/EN 12183:2014, ISO/EN 12184:2014
Turning radius (pivot)1100-1300 mm
Water resistantIPX6
Push bar, footrest, tubing, foot, and calf plateSteel
Wheel forksAluminium
BatteryLi-Ion 24V 2,6 Ah
Actuators (two) LINAK LA23
Control boxLINAK
Remote controlLINAK HB30
CleaningStretch covers (recommended additional purchase) for the Kamille Comfort Wheelchair can be washed at 60°C and tumble-dried. The cushions can be wiped down with a damp cloth and mild soapy water. The Kamille Comfort Wheelchair can be used indoors and outdoors. The frame, cushions and push bar can also be disinfected with e.g., a Wet Wipe 70% or a chlorine product of 1,000-1,200 ppm.

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