New product: H20 Wheelchair cushion


Now we launch the H20 Wheelchair cushion: Perfect combination of water and pressure relieving foam.

Developed and produced in Denmark, based on knowledge from leading positioning experts.


Documented high pressure relief and intended for pressure relief up to stage 4.


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New product: Cobi Positioning Cushions


We are happy to introduce our new product – Cobi Positioning Cushions for bariatric patients.


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Cobi Rehab Bariatric Day in Copenhagen

On 3rd September, Cobi Academy hosted Bariatric Day in Copenhagen for dealers from all regions of Europe.

The day was filled with information and demonstrations focusing on bariatric patients, bariatric rehabilitation products related to different body types as well as difficult issues. In addition, the day was supplemented with workshops related to case stories, providing the dealers with the opportunity to examine the extensive range of Cobi Rehab’s XXL-Rehab products.

Key presentations were made by Malene Alexandrowiz, OT and Head of Teaching and Research Cobi Academy, who has many years of extensive experience with bariatric patients and bariatric aids.


Statements from attending dealers

Based on the success of this year’s Cobi Rehab Bariatric Day we will be hosting another Bariatric Day in 2019.

Here some of the feedback from this year’s attending dealers.




New product in the pipeline for 2018

At Health & Rehab Scandinavia at Bella Center, Copenhagen, we presented several new products i.e. XXL-Rehab Rise N Tilt Shower Commode.

XXL-Rehab Rise N Tilt Shower Commode is combining both tilting and lifting. It is the world’s first shower commode for bariatric users that automatically can reach a 30 degree tilt and lift position by pushing only one button. The Shower Commode has a weight capacity of 325 kg Safe Working Load.

Making tasks easier and safer
The XXL-Rehab Rise N Tilt Shower Commode provides better access for the caregiver in terms of hygiene, skin and tissue care as well as nursing/dressing feet in standing position, allowing the caregiver to work in a safe and ergonomically sound way. It also enables the caregiver and the user to maintain eye contact for better communication.

Improving care, efficiency and communication
This shower commode raises the efficiency of care because it enables a single caregiver to perform the whole showering procedure, as well as a wide range of everyday hygiene tasks. The high level of support provided by the shower commode results in streamlined routines that offer considerable time savings compared with traditional methods. This bathing chair is designed to give bariatric users a comfortable and safe bathing experience and can also be used where the user’s condition is poor with reduced postural control.

Enhancing quality of life
The XXL-Rehab Rise N Tilt Shower Commode can enhance the quality of life by making assisted showering and other hygiene routines not only safer and more comfortable, but also a more dignified experience.

XXL-Rehab Rise N Tilt Shower Commode will be available to order from October 2018.

Send an email if you wish to receive information about the product as soon as it is available.

Cobi Rehab becomes
Cobi Rehab – The Positioning Company

For many years we have specialized in positioning solutions for bariatric patients for all hours of the day with the purpose of providing independency, comfort and relief.

Our positioning solutions are based on solid knowledge about use of the product and the effect of helping, with emphasis on dignity and a good working environment, both for the user and care giver.

With our new name we change our logo and have a new homepage.
We retain our focus on high professionalism, to have respect for the individual and provide prompt service.

E-mail if you want to know more about the Cobi Academy
and the staff training & seminars we can offer you.

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