BRC Bariatric Rehabilitation Congress

BRC2017 – VIA University College, The Danish Obesity Board and Cobi Rehab say THANK YOU!

On 22 – 23 November 2017 VIA University College, The Danish Obesity Board and Cobi Rehab hosted the 4th Bariatric Rehabilitation Congress in Aarhus, Denmark.

BRC2017 was 2 wonderful days combining theoretical presentations and hands-on workshops with a 360° focus on the bariatric patient in the unique framework of VIA University College.

BRC2017 focused on the connection between knowledge, competencies and skills and therefore the congress offered a lot of interdisciplinary and cross-sectoral knowledge sharing within the bariatric field. New dialogues emerged between professionals from Denmark and abroad.

These years the bariatric field has a much divided focus. Is overweight a disease, or is it a risk factor for developing disease? This is the big question that is often asked. We must note that in spite of pro and cons, the area is very complex and requires a 360 degree focus. The Bariatric Rehabilitation Congress once again emphasized this.

We are very happy about BRC2017 and we are excited about the paradigm shift that it takes to work from a 360 degree perspective.

We hope to see you next time, for the 5th Bariatric Rehabilitation Congress.